Timothy Chandler Concord NH Tall Clock Labeled Case by Asa Kimball

Major Timothy Chandler Concord

Timothy Chandler was born on April 25, 1762 and died on August 9, 1848. He was at work in Concord in the mid 1780’s and actively made clocks up until the end of the first quarter of the 19th Century. In 1797 Chandler enlisted with the Minute Men and earned the rank of Major in 1799. The primary research reference for Chandler was the work done by Mr. Charles S. Parsons: New Hampshire Clocks & Clockmakers which we (Adams Brown Company) published in 1985. Chandler was a prolific Silversmith, Clockmaker, as well as an active Statesman. He was the brother of Abel Chandler who also a prolific Clockmaker. From 1824 – 1829, Timothy Chandler was in business with his son and operated as T Chandler & Son.

The clock illustrated in this example is a typical “country” interpretation of the “High Style” executed in native Maple with White Pine Secondary woods.  Remarkable is the construction and weight of this case crafted by Asa Kimball using five quarter thick lumber. Fragments of the original Cabinetmakers paper label are visible on the interior surface of the backboard of the case.  “MADE/ BY/ Asa Kimball,/ CABINET & CHAIR/ MAKER, Concord, New Hampshire.  There is a closely related example by Chandler depicted  on pg. 100 in Clock Making In New England 1725-1825 by Philip Zea and Robert Cheney.  The eight day striking brass movement is a typical example of a locally made Concord movement with an arched cutout in the front and rear plates, elevated bell stand and extended bell hammer.  The clock is powered by a pair of original sand filled, tin can weights with wooden caps. The dial is English from the Wilson Birmingham foundry and no doubt sourced in Boston similar to the practice of the Willard’s.   Note the  whimsical “house-fly” decoration on the painted iron dial!

All in all a very nice example with minor repairs and restoration: The feet are original. Replaced bottom board (weights went through), added glue blocks to support the base, Original dial, works, weights, pendulum, winding key. The finials are old replacements. The hands are  original. The finish has a wonderful old, dry patina. Working door lock on the waist door with key.  Dimensions: 90″ h x 21″ w x 10″ d.





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