E. Howard Boston No. 9 Weight Driven Figure 8 Wall Regulator Clock, C. 1875

E. Howard, Boston

E. Howard No. 9 Figure 8 Weight Regulator Wall Clock, C. 1875, 38 inches long, 9 1/2 inch dial, 8 inch time track, 1 1/4 inch numerals. First finish Walnut case w/ 3 original glasses & untouched original signed dial. The eight day brass timepiece is powered by it’s original iron weight with the identifiable “4” die cast into the center of the pattern.  Another period detail commonly found in Boston wall clocks is the practice of “numbering” the case parts: “IV” can be seen stamped on the back of the door, the head of the case and the back of the dial pan.    The “Cherry” wood pendulum rod is suspended from the single bridge of the movement and terminated with a retaining nut that captures the brass clad pendulum bob that is nicely finished with circular ring decoration.