JC Brown Forestville Manufacturing Co. 8 Day Ripple Beehive Shelf Clock C. 1850

JC Brown

Circa 1850 JC Brown Forestville Mfg Co. Ripple Beehive.   Overall the dimensions are 19 X 10 3/8 X 4 inches.   The choice Mahogany case in nice condition with warm patina, old dry finish.   The painted Zinc dial is original and painted on BOTH sides with ORIGINAL paint on both sides !   Apparently during the manufacture of this clock the dial was either painted on the wrong side and/or drilled on the wrong side !   This made it necessary to paint both sides rather than scrap the dial !     Note the last picture in the photoset that shows this in detail.  The works are signed, complete, and in good condition, signed on the front plate.  Nice makers label in the bottom, and a choice etched lower tablet.  All in all a very nice, clean example with a RARE dial !