Abiel Chandler Concord NH Lyre Banjo Clock w/ Rare Alarm Mechanism

Abiel Chandler, Concord

Abiel Chandler was born in Concord, New Hampshire on April 2, 1807. He was the son of the renowned Concord clockmaker.  Major Timothy Chandler. Abiel is at work in Concord in the 1820s and later in 1829 he forms the partnership of  “A. Chandler & Co.” He traveled to Boston to learn how to make Willard’s Patent Timepieces.  In the past we have owned Mirror Timepieces, Banjo & Lyre Clocks  by Chandler including a rare three train: time, strike and alarm clock by Chandler & Farley.

The lyre clock depicted in the photos below is a fine example of his work with fabulous Acanthus leaf carved finial and carved throat frame.  Both glasses are original and at one time there was a hairline crack in the throat frame with some minor in-painting.  The bottom glass is near mint.  The painted iron dial is untouched and original with a wonderful flowing script signature.   The works are complete including the Alarm train and setting mechanism.   The case has never been refinished.

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