T. E. Burleigh Jr. Curtis Girandole Clock #9, 1976

T. E. Burleigh Jr. Winchester MA

T.E. Burleigh Jr. Mahogany Girandole Clock, Winchester, Massachusetts, c. 1976, gilded carved eagle finial and lower pedestal, gilded wooden bezel over the Arabic numeral painted iron dial signed L. Curtis’ Patent, and frames enclosing convex reverse-painted glasses, the waist inscribed L. Curtis, the lower convex glass depicts the famous Rowe’s Wharf Boston Harbour scene. The clock is an eight-day weight-powered timepiece movement with pendulum, ht. 47 in. Ted Burleigh was a master craftsman and founder of the famous “Gilders Workshop” in the North Shore. Together with his wife Fran and daughter Cindy they were actively involved in the restoration and conservation of many fine New England Clocks. In the mid 1970’s they introduced their own hand crafted limited reproductions of the famous early New England timepieces. The “Curtis Girandole” was his most famous achievement with incredible carving and gilding. The glasses were painted by Fran and the dial was done by Martha Smallwood. On the back of the dial is a “Dial House” label dated 3/3/76. The case parts are die stamped TEB 9 as this represents the 9th Girandole made by Burleigh. Very few of these were made and they were incredibly expensive when they were offered for sale over 40 years ago. Unlike the Stennes and Campos examples, the Burliegh Girandole was executed with a gilded wooden bezel and a breathtaking carved wooden eagle. The works were made by Bill Kilbourne and J.C.Proctor and bear the makers stamp on the front plate. This clock is from a large collection of clocks we recently acquired from New England collector and represents one of the finest examples that you will ever hope to find.


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