Joseph Hollinshead Burlington

Joseph Hollinshead Burlington

The Hollinshead family of Delaware Valley Quaker Clockmakers were actively making clocks in Burlington County NJ as early as 1750 and well into the 1800s. The clock in this example is a wonderful silvered brass dial example from the last quarter of the 18th Century and is housed in a Mahogany case with Cedar and long leaf yellow Pine secondary woods. It was made by Joseph Hollinshead Jr. who was born in Burlington in 1751 and was active during the late 1700s. At one point he formed a partnership with his brother John and there are known examples that are signed Joseph and John Hollinshead in a nearly identical way to the dial on the clock in the present discussion. The works are eight day, brass and note the geometry of the movement exhibiting a tall profile as compared with other makers. The circular steel strike release is an identifiable feature to Hollinshead. It comes from an estate in Woodbury NJ and retains its original weights, pendulum and winding crank. Minor repairs to the case including old, bench made finials, repair to one of the crests. The feet are original but have lost some of their original height. All in all a wonderful example. The overall dimensions of the clock are 96 1/2 X 22 X 12 inches. The signed engraved silvered brass dial measures 12 X 16 inches.


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