C. 1825 Boston Weight Driven Banjo Clock, Second Generation Timepiece, Original Glasses

Boston C. 1825

Second Generation Willard School/Apprentice Boston Area Weight Driven Banjo Timepiece C. 1825.   The brass works with thin steel crutch & recoil escapement mounts to the case from the back with a single, center bolt.   The dial attaches with a pair of diagonal screws.  The steel “Moon” hands are original.   The works have been professionally serviced and the clock runs great.    The half round, “torus” molded Mahogany frames are original to the case and both reverse painted glass tablets are original.    Clock comes with a winding crank.    The cast lead weight has a “duck bill” hook.  Both push button latches: bezel and box are functional and original. 

Condition: An original clock with the following conservation/restoration. Original hands & untouched original dial with no extra holes behind the dial. Bezel is original with solder repair at the hinge and repair to tabs that hold the glass in the bezel. The glass in the bezel is old and thin and I believe it to be an old restoration. The finial is first period original 19th C. Original chimney and fabric joint at the head. The frames and side arms are original to the case.  Normal shrinkage and minor surface wear tear, scratches, chips, cracks to the half round veneer on the frames that you find in a 200 year old wooden clock case.  Both glasses are original. The lower glass has been repaired and stabilized with a second piece of protective glass & the white border that frames the scene is on the stabilizing glass.   That repair was performed in 1937 and documented on the back of the glass by the Melrose Antique Shop, Melrose, MA.