Sylvester Edgerly Roxbury Weight Driven Banjo Clock

Sylvester Edgerly, Roxbury

Sylvester Edgerly was a Clockmaker, Watchmaker, and Jeweler at work on Washington Street in Roxbury C. 1830 – 1840. He is a documented second generation Willard apprentice and made clocks in the style of the later timepieces made by Aaron Willard Jr. This the second example by Edgerly that I have owned in my life and what makes this clock so special is the condition. First finish ! Original reverse painted glasses & original bezel glass, and a wonderful untouched script signature on the painted iron dial. The frames are numbered as was the practice by the Boston makers. The single bridge eight day brass movement is powered by a cast iron weight. The finely carved mahogany finial executed in the “fleur de lis” form is original and in excellent condition. The frames and bezel are the half round “Torus” molded style. All of the case hardware is original and so are the barbed steel hands. The case never had side arms and this style is not uncommon in the clocks of this period. The fact still remains that it is extremely difficult to find an original weight driven banjo clock that retains its original unrestored tablets along with an original signature on the dial, and this clock has both.


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