Elmer Stennes #55 Cross Banded Weight Banjo Clock Sold to Thomas Long Jewelers Boston April 19, 1955


E. Howard & Co. Boston

The Elmer Stennes legacy continues to this day through the skilled hands of Bob Hynes who was trained and worked in his shop, the shop of Foster Campos, and now in his own operation as Robert Hynes Clocks.   Recently, I received a note from Bob that this particular clock (Thomas Long Jewelers, Boston #55) was indeed made by Elmer Stennes and sold to Long’s Jewelers on April 19,1955.   According to new information provided by Bob Hynes, this clock is listed in the original Stennes register.  I will provide the buyer with a copy of the EMAIL from Bob to me that documents this clock.   This example is a wonderful piece in this tradition and was part of the series of  “Willard”  weight driven banjo clocks produced by Elmer Stennes  The eight day brass works are die stamped E. Howard & Co. Boston.  The works mount to the backboard with four wood screws .   This was a “special order” that was retailed in Boston by the famous Jeweler “Thomas Long.”   Many of the finest Waltham/Chelsea/Durfee/Howard banjo clocks were retailed by prominent Jewelers: Shreve Crump Low, Tiffany, J E Caldwell, etc..   Information about Thomas Long taken from their Internet Web Site:  “Long’s Jewelers is a family-owned and operated full-service jeweler with five stores throughout Massachusetts. New England’s love affair with Long’s began in 1878 when Thomas Long, a Massachusetts native, opened his Boston-based jewelry business. Since then, Long’s has become the foundation of Boston’s luxury jewelry and timepiece market.”   Overall dimensions of the clock are 34 1/4 x 10 x  4 inches.