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Book: Musical Clocks of Early America 1730 – 1830 by Gary R. Sullivan & Kate Van Winkle Keller

Brand new published June 2018. 389 pp hardbound, fully illustrated with over 500 images including numerous high resolution color photos showing dials, movements, cases. This book is the culmination of decades of research. An absolute “must have” for Early American Clock Collectors. The 130 remarkable clocks documented in this ten year study represent a high point in the careers of American craftsmen between 1730 and 1830. Only a few artisans had the expertise and skill to produce such intricate mechanisms as clocks that played music. This is their story—the story of gifted immigrants from Europe and of clever local artisans who contrived clock mechanisms of uniquely American style. The story includes biographies of 180 craftsmen and traces apprenticeships and style connections from maker to maker. Over 500 color images bring the clocks to life. Schematic charts are followed by an in-depth analysis of every known musical clock movement and case. Customer preferences for case designs and tune selections are covered and relationships between makers through the sharing of design and musical material are discussed. Information about the tunes played and their meanings brings a different dimension to the clocks. The narrative reflects a genuine appreciation for the remarkable achievement that these musical movements and their dramatic cases represent. They are true American masterpieces. See the companion volume devoted to the music played by these clocks. Gary R. Sullivan Is an antiques and fine art dealer, antique furniture expert, author, curator, and appraiser on the PBS series, “Antiques Roadshow.” He specializes in important examples of early American clocks and is the author of several books and articles on early American clocks and furniture. Mr. Sullivan is a Trustee at The Willard House and Clock Museum. Kate Van Winkle Keller is an internationally recognized authority of early American music and dance. She co-directed The National Tune Index, Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 1589–1839, and is author of many books on early American music and dance. Price: $ 85.95 post paid


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