JC Brown Forestville Manufacturing 8 Day Ripple Steeple Clock, Bristol CT C. 1850

JC Brown, Bristol CT

Choice Circa 1850 JC Brown Ripple Steeple with 8 day fusee movement.  The label reads…  “EIGHT DAY BRASS CLOCKS,   SPRINGS WITH EQUALIZING POWER WARRANTED NOT TO FAIL.”    Manufactured and Sold by Forestville Manufacturing Company, JC Brown Bristol CT.    The case has a warm patina, nice color, dry finish.  Original reverse glass geometric tablet, original bone door knob.    Movement is die stamped  Forestville Mfg Co. as well.    The works are similar to figure 31b in the book by Roberts & Taylor “Jonathan Clark Brown and the Forestville Manufacturing Company” on page 37.   Overall the clock dimensions are 19 3/4 X 10 X 4 inches.   All in all a wonderful example !