J. C. Brown Bristol CT Acorn Shelf Clock C. 1845

J. C. Brown Acorn Clock

Mid 19th Century Acorn shelf clock by J. C. Brown Company, Bristol CT. This rare and unique design was fabricated using layers of formed/bent thin lumber then laminated together to create the final form. A ingenious design with and oversized “lyre shaped” brass T & S movement powered by a lower spring unit with wooden fusees.  The signed “Forestville” eight day fusee powered clock works with “detached fusees” is one of the rare by products from the genius of Clockmaker and Inventor Joseph Ives. Overall height 24 3/4″ tall. Signed movement, original painted Zinc dial.  The upper glass is untouched and original and the lower glass is original with some in-painting.   Original “blue salt paper” lined interior.  The “card” label is an old restoration.



7 12 114

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