Howard & Davis Boston # 4 Banjo Clock for Eli Holden Philadelphia

Howard & Davis #4 Banjo Clock

A nice example with desirable old finish that retains original faux graining on the original Cherry case. The dial is the early “paper over Zinc” style and it is untouched and original. The works are original to the case and retained by a single rear screw to the backboard. The frames and push button latches are original and the hinges are numbered “88” and so is a glue block in the case as well as the back of the throat frame. The “BLACK” backing has been restored by Lee Davis, however the original gilt and the “Eli Holden Philadelphia” is unrestored and original. The bottom board is original to the case and the weight has never gone through the bottom. Original weight die cast “4” Original pendulum, keystone, bob, regulating nut and tie down as well. The push button latches are both original to the case and are in working order. The clock runs fine and keeps time. The wall hanger is original. Even the weight guides in the channel are untouched and original !” Howard & Davis Boston 1850’s weight driven banjo clock # 4. The clock was retailed in Philadelphia by Eli Holden and the gilt lettered decoration in the lower tablet is untouched and original. Eli Holden was a watchmaker and jeweler at work in Philadelphia during the mid 19th Century. Howard & Davis, A. Howard, and E. Howard banjo clocks were handled by this firm. The overall dimensions of the clock are 32″ X 13 1/2″ X 4 ” with an 8 1/2″ dial and a 6 7/8″ time track.


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