Levi and Abel Hutchins Concord Tall Case Clock

Levi & Abel Hutchins Concord

Levi Hutchins was born in Harvard, Massachusetts on August of 1761, and his brother Abel was born March of 1763. Both brothers lived extremely long and productive lives and it is simply amazing that they lived into their nineties. Their father served in the Revolutionary War as a captain. In 1777, Levi and Abel entered into an apprenticeship with Simon Willard of Grafton, Massachusetts. Upon completion, they moved to Concord New Hampshire around 1784 and were in business together making clocks for over 20 years. The example depicted in these photos is one of the finest known “formal” clocks from their shop and is executed in the “Roxbury high style” with choice dense, figured Mahogany, step molded base, fluted columns in the bonnet with brass stop flutes, and fluted quarter columns in the waist. The “thumb molded” waist door opens to a pair of “tin can” dome top weights filled with sand and an original hickory shaft pendulum rod and brass covered lead bob. The two piece silvered brass dial is coupled with a “Concord School” brass eight day striking movement with arched cutouts in the front and rear plate. The makers names are beautifully engraved in the arched section of the dial. The feet are original with typical repairs and reinforcements and the base panel has experienced some typical shrinkage and separate at the edges. This is an incredibly heavy clock made of thick stock with New England White Pine secondary woods and Imported Mahogany as the primary wood. Note the “scalloped” treatment below the cove molding in the waist section. Overall the clock is 91 X 17 1/2 X 10 inches with a beautiful set of original brass finials that adorn the top of the case. The fretwork is original with some minor separation and age cracks


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