Aaron Willard Jr. Boston No. 2577 “Die Stamped” Weight Driven Banjo Clock C. 1825

Aaron Willard Jr. No. 2577, Boston

Second generation timepiece C. 1825 made by Aaron Willard Jr., Boston No. 2577. Numbered “1” frames & backboard. Original glasses with conservation and in-painting. One piece white Pine backboard, half round Mahogany frames mitered with tenons at the joints. The throat frame tucks under the dial at the top and mounts to the case with 2 brass ties at the bottom. Original cast lead weight. Gilded “acorn” finial adorns the case. The painted iron dial attaches to the head with three screws with “L” shaped slotted heads. A fine original pair of barbed steel hands mounts to the eight day brass movement that is “die stamped” A WILLARD JR BOSTON” on the front plate. Exceptional untouched original signed & numbered dial. This only the third “die stamped” Aaron that I have had a chance to own in the 40+ years of collecting and hundreds of period banjo clocks that have passed through the shop.

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