Isaac Brokaw Brass Dial Queen Anne New Jersey Tall Case Clock C. 1770

Isaac Brokaw, C. 1770

Isaac Brokaw was born in 1746 and died in 1826. He was an Aaron Miller apprentice and this early example clearly shows the influence of his master. Brokaw married Miller’s daughter in 1766 and in the will of Aaron Miller all of the clockmaking tools were left to his son Cornelius and his son-in-law, Isaac Brokaw. He was at work in Hillsborough NJ C. 1760 – 1779 and the early clocks from this period are simply signed “Isaac Brokaw.” When Aaron Miller died in 1779, Brokaw returned to Elizabethtown and he continued his trade in the shop where he first learned his trade as an apprentice to Aaron Miller. Brokaw was one of the very few New Jersey craftsmen that worked continuously through the Queen Anne, Chippendale, Federal, and Empire Periods and with many examples of his work executed with both brass and painted iron dials. This particular clock is an early example in a Queen Anne case with brass dial C 1770. The dial has a convex applied brass boss that is signed (engraved) by the maker, applied chapter ring, applied spandrels all coupled to an early eight day striking brass movement with wooden winding drums and count-wheel strike train. The original cast lead weights have survived with this clock which is an amazing result given the clock is 250 years old ! The overall dimensions of the clock are 92 X 18 X 10 inches and the dial measures 13 X 18 inches with a 10 inch time track and 1 1/2 inch numerals. Early first period colonial features include: bonnet columns attached to the door frame (as opposed to free standing), tombstone shaped waist door, and 45 degree mitre joints in the waist section of the case. Condition notes: Original: Dial, movement, weights, pendulum case. Repairs/Restoration/Replacements: The mid section of the caddy has been restored, the upper section of the caddy is original and first period that came from a “donor” case to complete the restoration. The feet have been restored due to powder post beetle damage to the original feet. The waist door is original and so is the bold crown molding. The finials are appropriate 19th C replacements. The chimney blocks are restored. The works have been professionally restored and the clock runs, strikes, and indexes very nicely. There is an old Northern NJ Jewelers plate attached to the inside of the back board.

Price $11,000