Seth Thomas No. 3 Railroad Regulator Weight Driven Clock for Ball Watch Company, Cleveland Ohio

Seth Thomas Ball No. 3

The Seth Thomas Clock Company, Thomaston CT produced a very limited number of precision regulator clocks that were designed to meet the demanding standards for “Railroad Standard Time.” Ball Watch Company of Cleveland, Ohio partnered with Seth Thomas and together they produced a number of special models. Perhaps the most famous, and most highly sought after by collectors is the No. 3 Seth Thomas Ball Watch Company model with over-sized 8- day weight driven trapezoid movement, cut steel pinions, Graham “Dead Beat” Escapement, and maintaining power. Noteworthy are the cast iron brackets that support the backboard & sides in the head of the case which is an early identifiable feature only found in Seth Thomas No. 3 produced for Ball Watch Company, Webb C. Ball, Ohio. Another interesting original period detail are the four thumb screws that retain the back plate of the movement to the cast iron mounting bracket on the backboard. The brass shell weights are identified by the end caps with knurled edges. The original 14 inch painted zinc dial is original to this clock. The condition of the dial is very good with only very minor discoloration, minor losses, and touch up to some spots. The dial has a seconds register and large Arabic numerals. The overall size of this clock and the dial in this model makes it well suited for use in large waiting rooms in train stations. The dial is signed by the Ball Watch Co. below the center arbor.

We are very pleased and proud to offer our Ball Watch Co. Number 3 is constructed in highly figured Oak. The case has a wonderful deep, rich patina and the wood selection is outstanding. The veneered bezel is in excellent condition. The case is constructed with quarter sawn Oak as well. This case measures approximately 44 inches long.

Both glasses are original to the clock and the lower glass has a wonderful reverse transfer “Official Railroad Watch Inspector The Ball Railroad Time Service.” The movement has been professionally overhauled in our shop, completely disassembled, all pivots polished, runs great