William Grant Boston C. 1820 Weight Driven Banjo Clock Original Mahogany Tablets

William Grant Boston

William Grant was most likely an Aaron Willard Apprentice.  He worked up until 1835 when his business was sold and taken over by another famous Boston Clockmaker William Pratt, one of his apprentices.   The Grant timepiece is typical of the second generation Willard School of clockmakers:  steel crutch, single center bolt rear mounting, recoil escapement, single bridge suspension, barbed steel hands.   One of the nicest things about this clock is the originality: especially the signed heavy painted iron dial & the original wooden panels.   The wooden tablets are original and have great color and patina.    There are NO extra holes behind the dial or movement.  The clock runs and keeps good time.  Overall dimensions: 33 1/2 X 10 X 4 inches with a 7 5/8 inch dial & 6 1/2 inch time track.  Condition Report: An original clock with the following repairs & conservation: Professionally serviced works with fresh cord, refinished case. Original cast lead weight with repaired hook and bottom. Original brass side arms with solder repair (from behind), polished, and re-attached. Original cast brass bezel. Bezel glass is old replacement. Original barbed steel hands. Original Chimney & Original Cast Brass finial. Original painted iron dial & signature. Original frames & wood tablets, lower tablet has crack that has been pulled together and stabilized. Original weight guides and lower weight pan & tie down. Original pendulum. Bottom board knocked out, reset with old replacement & 1 replaced glue block.