Foster S. Campos Pembroke MA Cross Banded Mahogany S. Willard Weight Driven Banjo Clock No. 19 2003

Foster S. Campos

Here is a wonderful weight driven banjo clock by the renowned clockmaker from the South Shore of Massachusetts: Foster S. Campos. Foster was a master craftsman and a true gentleman. I am proud to have known him and called him my friend. This clock is one from the early 2000’s and honestly there are not many around from that period as by the mid 2000’s Foster had retired and ceased the manufacture of clocks. Mr. Campos launched his business after the death of Elmer Stennes and after the Estate Auction where all of the parts, moulds, tooling, etc.. from Stennes were sold. This is the “classic” Simon Willard timepiece with geometric reverse painted glasses with “Eagle” decoration, cross banded mahogany frames, cast brass “Willard” eagle, and eight day brass weight driven timepiece. This clock is 100% original and it has a signed movement, signed dial, signed weight, die stamped backboard, and numbered case and frames. It was the nineteenth clock that he made in the year 2003. We have completely overhauled the works in our shop and the clock runs great at keeps perfect time