Seth Thomas Off Center Pillar & Scroll Clock

Seth Thomas Off Center Scroll

Seth Thomas Plymouth CT off-center Pillar & Scroll Clock C. 1818. The strap wood movement with count wheel strike train is powered by a pair of cast iron weights with internal compound wooden pulleys. Note the upper set of pulleys are mounted within the case. This configuration also contains a seconds bit and register on the dial. A choice example with 2 original glasses with only minor touch up and in-painting on the lower tablet, undisturbed putty, original scrolls and feet. Typical minor repairs that you find in these clocks. On the back of the dial are numerous inscriptions, repair dates, provenance back to 1824. The finials are Antique but likely old replacements. The feet and crest are original with some minor repair/restoration. The dial decoration is untouched and original. The label is original as well with normal wear that you find in a 200 year old printed makers label.


Early Connecticut Wood Works 30-hr Off Center Pillar & Scroll Clock made by Seth Thomas64




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