Augustus Parke Philadelphia Tall Clock

Augustus Parke Philadelphia C. 1820

Augustus Parke was clock and watchmaker at work at 126 Race St, Philadelphia C. 1819-1820, and then at 13 S. 3rd St C. 1822. He is listed in DeSilver’s Directory for the City of Philadelphia. There were several “Parke” craftsmen at work in the City at the same time including Solomon, Solomon & Son, Charles B., and Augustus. This is a high style Mahogany Delaware Valley Tall Case Clock with an interesting six (6) foot configuration. While there are countless examples of Sheraton Period Card Tables and “gate leg” tables that have the six leg configuration it is rarely found in case furniture. The high style case is made of Mahogany and contrasting high grain Mahogany veneers with Yellow Pine secondary woods. The eight day brass striking works have an interesting quirk to them as well as this movement was designed with a “pinwheel” escapement. At first glance of the back of the works, you clearly see the off center suspension bridge and an unusually wide set of plates. Both are indicators of an unusual configuration. Note the side view of the works that illustrate the “pinwheel” escapement clearly. The painted iron dial is locally fabricated in Philadelphia the “American Flag” in the ship scene is good confirmation. The cast iron bell is from the John Wilbank foundry in Philadelphia and a nice thing to find in a locally made tall case clock. The case stands at 98 1/2 ” tall, 15″ wide, and 9 3/4″ deep.


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