E. Howard & Company #1 Boston MA Weight Driven Regulator Banjo Clock

E. Howard & Co.  Boston

E. Howard & Co. BOSTON No. 1 Wall Regulator Weight Driven Banjo Clock, Rosewood ” faux” grain-painted solid Cherry case with hinged molded bezel opening to the paper over Zinc roman numeral dial with seconds bit, and reading in script “E. Howard & Co/Boston,” black, maroon, and gilt reverse-painted tablets, eight-day, trapezoidal-shaped movement marked “E. Howard & Co./Boston,” gilt pendulum rod, brass-faced bob, and iron weight marked “1”  Overall MAX dimensions 50 X 19 1/2 X 6 inches.  The dial is 12 1/2″ with an 11 ”  time track and 1 3/4″ numerals.    The dial is untouched and original.   This is an early example, that dates from the mid 1800’s.  S/H/I is at the expense of the buyer.  This would have to go via a “Fine Arts Mover” and we work with some of the best in the business.   You are welcome to come over and pick up the clock in person at no charge.    Feel free to get your own shipping quote.   I am guessing between $ 200 – $ 600 depending on where you live.   

Condition: A nice example with an untouched original signed dial. The Cherry frames has strong “Rosewood” graining and overall nice shape. the mounting lip at the bottom of the throat frame has been restored. Original bottom board and the weight has NEVER broken through the bottom. Good working push button original case locks. Original signed “trapezoidal” movement with seconds bit. Wooden pendulum rod with gold facing, original bob. Original weight baffle and lower pan & tie down. Movement serviced with fresh cord, running. Original cast iron weight die cast #1. The glasses have had some touch up to the black and the centers but look very good. They definitely have age to them, cannot be certain they are original. Minor surface chips, scratches, dings, blemishes you find in an oversized wall regulator that is over 100 years old. Just being a little “picky” here but overall the clock is very nice and very clean.