Brewster & Ingrahams 8 Day Steeple clock w/ Kirk’s Cast Iron Back Plate C. 1843 – 1846

Brewster & Ingrahams

Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol CT, 8 day “sharp gothic” steeple clock with rare Kirk’s (Charles Kirk) cast iron back plate movement.   Charles Kirk was a mechanical genius and a gifted clock movement designer & maker.  He patented this famous, eight day cast iron back plate clock movement in 1843 and partnered with Elisha C. Brewster and Elias Ingraham to produce these early spring driven shelf clocks.  The patented 1843 movement is signed/die stamped by the maker and exhibits the rare “rack & snail” feature in addition to the cast iron back plate.  The weight of one of these clocks is incredible and you immediately know it’s a Kirk’s patent movement the minute you pick it up!  The case with choice, high grain, figured Mahogany is in very nice condition.   The dial is original and has been conserved at some point in the past. Gold painted lyre form gong base.  Pasted to the backboard is the makers label that reads:  “Patent Spring Eight Day Repeating Brass Clocks Manufactured by Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol, CT”    The novel feature/innovation being “REPEATING” which is not achievable with the count wheel strike mechanism, The cut glass tablet in the door is original an in excellent condition.  Movement has been overhauled.  Case with minor wear/repairs commensurate with age and use.   A nearly identical example may be found on page 43 of “Handbook of clocks Produced by Charles Kirk, Elisha C. Brewster, Brewster & Ingrahams at Bristol CT 1820-1852” by Bill Ultsch and Doug Cowan.”  Very rare, early American spring driven shelf clock!