Benjamin Baddy C. 1750 London Mahogany Fusee Bracket Clock

Benjamin Baddy London C. 1750


Mid 18th Century Fusee Bracket clock made by Benjamin Baddy, London. Overall the clock measures 19 1/2 X 10 5/8 X 6 1/2 inches. The composite brass dial with applied chapter ring, spandrels, name boss, and strike/silent lever. The dial measures 9 1/2 X 6 1/2 with 3/4 inch numerals. In addition to the engraved name plate on the front of the dial, the back plate of the movement is very finely engraved and signed. This is one of the rare early examples that retains its original crown wheel escapement. The works have been professionally serviced and it runs and strikes fine. The movement mounts to the case with two brass straps and rests on a seat board in the bottom of the case. 


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5 4

24 23

17 22