Asa Munger Auburn NY Weight Driven Empire Shelf Clock C. 1830

Asa Munger, Auburn NY

Asa Munger, Auburn, NY, Flat Ironing Board Top Shelf Clock Mahogany case with carved and twisted applied columns in original finish. Original painted iron dial. Original painted iron upper tablet. 8 day time and strike weight driven brass movement with second bit hand. Excellent original wallpaper and eagle pendulum. iron weights. Nice label & original Pewter “Auburn Patent” pulleys as well.  Munger was a silversmith & clockmaker at work in Central NY C. 1820 – 1839.  He entered into various partnerships including J. H. Benedict, Thaddeus Benedict, and his son Austin Erastus Munger.  In the 1830’s they received permission to utilize “prison labor” to produce their clocks.   The “Munger” movement is well known for its incredible quality, and timekeeping properties.  8 day brass striking movements as well as timepieces were produced and at least one tall case clock (with a three train musical movement) is known.