E. N. Welch Forestville CT Eight Day Ripple Beehive “At the Old Establishment Late J. C. Brown” Circa 1850′

E. N. Welch

E. N. Welch Forestville CT “Eight Day Brass Clocks Springs Warranted Not to Fail, Manufactured and Sold by E.N. Welch at the Old Establishment Late J.C. Brown, Forestville CONN USA.”   Eight Day Brass time & strike signed/die stamped movement.  Rosewood ripple molded case in original finish.  Untouched original painted dial in as-found estate condition.  Original hands.  Original reverse glass tablet with minor loss.   The door knob is the original “bone” turn.   Overall the clock measures 18 3/4 inches tall by 10 1/2 inches wide, 3 3/4 inches deep.   Choice collectible example with rare makers label.