Henry Hinckley Roxbury C. 1840 Weight Driven Lyre Clock

Henry Hinckley Roxbury

Circa 1840 Boston, MA Weight Driven Lyre Banjo Clock signed Henry A. Hinckley.   This clock retains it’s original finial, finish, dial, signature, works, weight, pendulum, glasses, frames & bracket.   Hinckley was a journeyman clockmaker who worked for Aaron Willard Jr. in Roxbury.   In 1849 Hinckley advertised that he served as an apprentice for seven years for Aaron Willard Jr.     The lower tablet is cracked and expertly touched up and stabilized by Linda Abrams.    The works are typical Boston “ear mounted” back plates characteristic of the Sawin & Dyer shop.  No doubt Hinckley learned this craft while he apprenticed for Sawin & Dyer in 1827

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