South Shore Massachusetts Weight Driven Striking Banjo Clock by Reuben Tower Hingham

Reuben Tower Hingham

South Shore Massachusetts striking banjo C. 1830’s Reuben Tower, Hingham. This clock descended in the Brown family of Providence RI. We purchased this clock about a month or so ago. It failed to meet reserve (high) at an auction on Nantucket. And like many period banjo clocks there were some issues that we were able to correct. The glasses are original w/in painting to the bottom glass & re-backing of the throat glass. It didn’t come with a finial, but we had a very nice appropriate 19th C original brass finial that looks great on the clock. The dial had previous restoration and after cleaning, we found traces of the original signature, and put it back to the original form. The cast lead weights are original, however one of the pulleys is a ST #2 replacement. The frames are original and numbered. Original sidearms and bezel. A rare clock with documentation in Paul Foley’s book (see page 156. The original instruction label for the clock is pasted to a protective wood panel behind the original signed glass. Note the steel hands which are a very identifiable characteristic of Reuben Tower.