Northern New Jersey Tall Case Clock

Newark – Pompton Area Tall Clock

Northern NJ Mahogany Tall Case Clock. Broken-arch pediment with inlaid oval crotch mahogany panels in the waist door, Irish panel, and base panel all resting on straight bracket feet. Eight Day striking brass clock works with seconds bit, and calendar. Rare small size ! 90″h. 19 “w. 10 “d. This clock descended in the (Van) Schuyler Family of NY & NJ and we purchased the clock many years ago from Mr. John (Jack) V. Schuyler who was living in Rossmoor at that time. NJ clocks are known for their fabulous inlaid cases are highly sought after and this one has wonderful overall proportions and outstanding figured mahogany wood selection along with incredible inlaid shell motifs. The early 19th century case has inset inlaid shells, a shaped waist door and original straight bracket feet. The backboard is one piece and is structurally sound. The eight day works are typical of what you find in New Jersey area and this one is coupled to a painted iron dial of English origin. This movement is locally made as seen by the casting marks in the plates and identical to several examples made in the Newark-Pompton area that we have owned over the years. The works are complete including all of the motion work for the calendar. This is a clock that we have carefully gone through the movement and the clock runs and strikes perfectly.


1 2 6


23 22

20 4

17 16