Howard & Davis Boston, C. 1850 No. 1 Weight Driven Regulator Banjo Clock, Original !

Howard & Davis, Boston

Original Howard & Davis #1 Banjo Clock in incredible original condition: wonderful faux Rosewood grained Cherry frames !   Condition is EVERYTHING with these clocks and this one is FIRST FINISH…. Case Sides & Frames have GREAT original graining.     The clock also has its original glasses (black border conservation), untouched original signed paper over Zinc dial, die stamped signed works, #12 case parts and hinge. Bottom board & Weight board ORIGINAL ! Original cast iron weight. 49 inches overall, 19 1/2 inch box frame 15 5/8 bezel, 8 inch brass over lead bob, 10 1/2 inch time track on a 12 1/2 dial pan with 1 1/2 inch numerals.  Running and keeping perfect time.