Chelsea No. 1 Weight Driven Regulator Wall Clock Philadelphia PA Provenance

Chelsea Clock Company

Chelsea No. 1 Oak Regulator, double signed, recently deaccessed from the University of Pennsylvania. 34 X 16 X 5 inches overall w/ a fabulous untouched original painted Zinc dial signed Chelsea & S. A. MacQueen Philadelphia. S. A. MacQueen on 1427 Walnut Street, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc. Obviously the same company. Another listing after the turn of the century says S. A. MacQueen Company – Philadelphia, Pa., Dec 11 1916, Manufacture, buy, sell, deal and generally trade in silverware, plated-ware, jewelry, watches, clocks, mahogany, ware, works of ornament and art, paintings and other similar or cognate articles of commerce. Eight day brass timepiece w/ original cast iron weight. Makers label pasted on the back of the waist door as well. Wm. Gibbons Philadelphia repair label pasted in the bottom. Runs strong. Desirable old, dry surface with air age/oxidation and paint specs (dont you just love people who paint walls without removing the artwork ?) Available for purchase $ 1350. Shipping available at the buyers expense.