E. Howard Boston Massachusetts #11 Keyhole Weight Driven Wall Regulator Clock C. 1880

Third quarter 19th C E. Howard Boston No. 11 Keyhole wall regulator. This one has a great original dial with an untouched signature. Round bottom cast iron “11” weight appropriately installed in its proper place. Makers label pasted on the back of the door. Original bottom with die stamped matching numbered case. Cherry case with wonderful patina: old dry surface.   This is “smallest” version of the #11 and measures 31″ in length with an 11″ dial.   The brass eight day timepiece is die stamped by the maker and is retained with a single screw through the backboard from behind.   The original makers label is pasted to the back of the bezel.   Numbered case/lot parts die stamped into the frames/bottom “25”.   The hands are original and so is the iron weight die cast with “11′.   The reverse glass painting has been restored by Lee Davis on the original glass.   Fully serviced, runs great.  $ 5800