Willard School #1 Regulator Banjo Clock C. 1840

Willard Regulator #1 Banjo Clock

Regulator No. 1″ weight driven banjo timepiece, Boston area and likely from one of the Willard shops (Aaron Willard Jr.) The case has a hinged throat and “Regulator” on the lower glass. Heavy painted iron dial attaches to the head with four mounting screws.
The case retains it original finish over finely grained Mahogany. The dial has been restored. The original gilded wooden pendulum rod was no doubt meant to be seen through the throat glass, . The hinged doors have wonderful original reverse glass tablets with minor touchup. Oversized robust 8 day movement is attached to the case with filister head through bolts as used by Simon and Aaron Willard on their earliest banjo clocks. The hour and minute hands are period. This is an incredibly well made regulator banjo clock with the best works and the extraordinary tablets. Overall . Ht 50″


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