Elmer Stennes #8, 1972 MCIP Special Order Bride’s Model Girandole Clock Signed Dial & Glasses Melinda Ahola

Elmer Stennes, #8 1972 Special Bride’s Model Girandole

This is a rare special order “white bride’s clock” specially made for Lester Dworetsky. Les is the co-author of the book Horology Americana one of the important reference books on the subject. It comes with the original bill of sale along with a note from his friend and long time Boston collector/dealer Ken Fox that explains the MCIP, year of manufacture and clock number. The case sides and interior are “white” just like the famous Aaron Willard Bride’s clock at Winterthur. Both glasses are curved and both are excellent examples of the mythological theme “Aurora.” The outstanding work was done by Melinda Ahola and she signed the back of both glasses. The dial is another “special treatment” not often found in Stennes clocks as it is a hand painted & decorated iron dial and it bears the signature of Elmer O. Stennes Weymouth MASS on the front, and it is signed by Melinda Ahola, the artist on the back. The frames, hinges, and case are all numbered #8 and the case is also die stamped 72 as this is the 8the clock made in 1972. Another interesting detail is that this clock was made while Stennes was incarcerated at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute, Plymouth and bears the die stamped letters “MCIP.” Some of the features that define his work during the early 1970’s include the use of the Kilbourne & Proctor weight driven clock movement die stamped E. O. Stennes Weymouth MASS along with the “4” which represented the pendulum length), the cast iron weight is unmarked and original to the clock, and the cast lead pendulum bob with the “reverse” ES initials. All of the beautiful cast brass hardware and finial all made from molds fabricated by Elmer, and you may not realize that he was a “pattern” maker in the 1940’s and worked in the coastal shipyards and learned this trade at that time. The clock measures 44  X 12 X 4 1/2 inches overall with a 7 1/2 inch dial, 6 7/8 inch time track and 5/8 inch numerals. Please read the condition report above. The clock is in excellent estate condition and it runs great ! Over the years we have been fortunate to own a number of fine, documented examples of Stennes clocks and this has to be the rarest and the very BEST example!