John L. Lawson, Philadelphia C. 1840’s Fusee Bracket Clock w/ rolling moon dial

John L. Lawson, Philadelphia

John L. Lawson was listed in McElroy’s Business Directory for the City of Philadelphia C. 1840 – 1851 with a shop at 34 1/2 North 2nd. St. in the City. Very little is known about Lawson and the presumption is that he was a dealer. The dial and movement appear to be English and made for the American market, however the case was locally made in Philadelphia and is constructed of local native woods. The back of the moon phase disc is die stamped Walker & Hughes: Thomas Hughes & George Walker, a Birmingham Dial Maker. The firm continued to operate after the death Walker (1834) and Hughes (1835) up until 1846 under the direction of Thomas Aston who traded under the name of Walker & Hughes. These dates mesh very nicely with the period during the 1840’s when John L. Lawson was listed in the Philadelphia City Directories. Overall the clock measures 21 X 7 1/4 X 13 1/2 inches. The dial is 9 X 13 inches with a 7 1/2 inch time track and 7/8 inch numerals. The case has applied pad and ball feet and there are side panels with fretwork grills and fabric and paper backing. The works are mounted on a seat board with steel hooks that thread and attach through the bottom of the case. The Mahogany & Cherry case with line and herringbone inlay with two glazed doors and a brass handle on the top. The works have been professionally serviced and the clock runs and strikes perfectly.