Elnathan Taber, Roxbury MA Banjo Clock C. 1830’s

E. Taber Roxbury

Boston weight driven banjo clock w/ original simple geometric reverse glass paintings, half round Mahogany frames and turned bezel. Single suspension bridge timepiece w/ rear center bolt mounting, steel “moon” hands, painted iron dial signed “E. Tabler, Roxbury.” Related clocks pictured in Foley P40 & John Ware Willard p. 107. Gilded “acorn” finial adorns the top of the case. Cast iron weight typical of the later timepieces with lead keystone insert & weight hook. Numbered “12” case lots along with the interesting die stamped initials “WAM” The “WAM” mystery is discussed in the July 2021 NAWCC Bulletin courtesy of Paul Foley.

This is a wonderful, original timepiece with untouched signed dial, original frames & tablets.  Original weight/pendulum (also die stamped WAM).   The works have been serviced in our shop and the clock runs great and keeps good time.