Samuel Whiting Concord Gold Front Presentation Banjo Clock

Samuel Whiting Concord

Gold front presentation weight driven banjo clock made by Samuel Whiting, Concord. This is a second generation timepiece with single bridge suspension and rear center bolt mounting. It exhibits all of the “Concord” regional period details including the notched keystone, “telephone receiver” tie down, brass sidearms with broad sweeping radius, Chestnut backboard, and “butterfly” suspension bridge. The clock has a wonderful original painted iroin dial with a delicate script signature. The frames and bracket are original to the case and all three glasses are original as well. Both the throat glass and the box tablet have a hairline crack in them and you have to look hard to locate them thanks to the genius of Linda Abrams. The lower tablet depicts the Charles Bulfinch Massachusetts State House that commenced in 1795 and completed in 1798. The building sits on Beacon Hill in Boston and the land on which it stands was once the cow pasture of Governor John Hancock. Early steel engravings of public and historic buildings were a source of inspritation for the early glass painters and you can clearly see how the subject matter for the glass in this clock evolved. About 30 years ago I owned a related example by Samuel Whiting with the “Nahant Hotel” depicted in the lower glass. These steel engravings formed the subject matter for Historic Blue Staffordshire plates as well The brass ball, spire and eagle finial is original and so are the “moon hands,” pulley, cast lead weight, cast brass bezel and wooden chimney.


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