Aaron Willard Boston C. 1800 Kidney Dial Massachusetts Shelf Clock

Aaron Willard Boston

Aaron Willard Kidney Dial Massachusetts Shelf Clock C. 1800.  The Mahogany case with crotch grain base panel continues to a base molding on ogee bracket feet.  The removable bonnet with applied fretwork opens to a painted iron dial coupled to a brass eight day weight driven timepiece.  The works are powered by it’s original cast lead weight.    A pair of white Pine stiles attached to the thick Pine backboard support the works.   The rear mounted pendulum attaches to the suspension bridge on the rear plate of the works.    We originally acquired this clock during the late 1970’s from Herschel B. Burt at the time we purchased the Adams Brown Company.   Mr. Burt was the former owner of Adams Brown Company, Exeter NH.   At that time Herschel was commissioned to sell the clock collection from the Newport Clock Museum, Newport New Hampshire.   This was one of the clocks that was part of that collection. Herschel oversaw the conservation work on the case.  Condition: refinished, bench made ogee bracket feet, dial mask.   The base and step molding are original.   The painted iron dial is untouched, original with a wonderful original Aaron Willard signature. The glass in the bonnet is original with strengthened putty.   The works have been completely overhauled.    Comes with it’s original winding crank !