Benjamin Swan Augusta Maine Tall Case Clock

Benjamin Swan Augusta

Augusta Maine Birch Tall Case Clock Circa 1806 made by Benjamin Swan.   The birch case has been refinished to a golden warm patina and the contrasting mahogany banding and birds eye maple door are a very successful treatment.   The painted iron dial mounts directly to the movement and there is no “false” or intermediate plate.  The American painted iron dial represents the work of a Boston Artist and is very closely related to one found in a clock by Frederick Wingate also of Augusta in the Garvan Collection at Yale University.   The signature on the dial is 100% original and untouched.   The only new wood in the case is the fret which is an old, bench made restoration.   The “tin can” weights are original.   The eight day T & S movement is very identifiable with arched plates and in excellent running condition.  The hands are original and the clock comes with the original winding crank too.    There are some interesting pencil inscriptions on the back side of the waist door including the following note:  “Bought 1806 Dea. William Jackson, Jefferson, Me”     The overall height is 92″ , the width is 18 1/2″ and the depth is 9 1/2″   Note the scans of  the Wingate clock depicted in Battison & Kane, “The American Clock,” Garvan Collection at Yale University.  This example is closely related to the Swan clock offered here: very similar dials, case, works.

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