Edmund Currier Salem MA Presentation Banjo Clock

Edmund Currier Salem

Currier was born in Hopkinton New Hampshire on May 4, 1793. He lived long and active life and died in Salem, Massachusetts on May 17, 1853.Edmund manufactured and repaired tools, wagons, sleighs and harness. He was also a fine clockmaker and repaired some watches. A small number of clocks are listed as being made in this New Hampshire location. Edmund moved from Hopkinton in 1825 to the corner of Essex and Central Streets in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1828, he moved relocated to 7 Derby Square, centrally located “In the market.” This is a very nice second generation timepiece with original reverse glass paintings and original signed painted iron dial. The brass eight day weight driven timepiece has typical period details including a single bridge suspension, steel crutch, recoil escapement, and rear center bolt mounting. The original cast lead weight in the manner of the Willard school with a “duck bill” hook. Accompanying the clock is an original repair receipt from 1843. The throat glass is original and in the lower section of the tablet the decoration includes “WARRANTED, PATENT.” The box tablet is a wonderful country scene framed in an oval panel and has only very minor touch up/in-painting however this is single hairline crack that has been expertly conserved by Linda Abrams. The bracket is original to the case and the weight has never gone through the bottom. All in all a wonderful gold front presentation timepiece.


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