E. Howard Boston No. 72 C. 1880’s Walnut Regulator Clock, Beats Seconds, Original Dial & Glasses, Wonderful Damascened Pendulum Bob

E. Howard, Boston

E. Howard Boston, MA C. 1880’s No. 72 Walnut weight driven wall regulator clock.  Overall the clock measures 18″w x 64″h x 6.5″d. There are a number of signatures and early repair dates on the inside of the case.  The dial is in a remarkable original state of preservation and it is  signed E. Howard Boston.  Both glasses are original and untouched, old, wavy and have never been out of the door frame.  The original lock has been removed and an old Victorian pull is now on the door.

The original, damascened pendulum bob is in excellent condition and the original weight board retains its original tie-down to secure the pendulum rod. The original cast iron weight is appropriately die cast with the number “1.”

The clock works have been professionally overhauled and are in excellent running order.   The No. 1 movement is an eight-day, time-only, designed with a Graham deadbeat movement incorporating retaining power.    The front plate is appropriately signed “E. Howard & Co.  Boston.”  There are NO extra holes either behind the dial or the works and the original brass retaining blocks are intact.