John Fisher York Town PA Federal Cherry Tall Case Clock 8-day Sweep Seconds

John Fisher, York Town

Circa 1800 Federal Cherry Tall Case Clock, York PA, made by John Fisher.  Eight day brass striking movement with 4-hands off the center shaft: sweep seconds, sweep calendar, minute, hour. Outstanding locally painted American  folk art dial with untouched original signature.  The dial is closely related to an example executed by his brother  George Fisher in nearby Lancaster.  This nearly identical dial was signed by George Fisher, a documented dial painter and appears in the Lancaster County book by Wood & Kramer. The works have been professionally overhauled in our shop and the clock runs, strikes and indexes perfectly.   On the back of the case is a shipping tag from its original home in Fredericktown MD to the Pennsylvania RR Station in Altoona PA, Attention John M. Wallis, Thirteenth General Superintendent, PR. The RR connection is an interesting part of the history of this wonderful clock.  96″ tall