Birge & Fuller Bristol Candlestick 8-Day Fusee Shelf Clock

Birge & Fuller Candlestick 8-day Fusee

Prior to 1850 Birge & Fuller and Brewster & Ingrahams were the only two clock manufacturers in Bristol producing spring driven clocks.   Brewster & Ingrahams focused their business on brass coiled spring powered clock movements.  Birge & Fuller on the other hand concentrated on the Ives patent lever spring commonly referred to as the “wagon spring.”   In 1847 Edward L. Dunbar was able to supply coiled clock springs and at this critical juncture clocks powered by Ives patent lever spring or “wagon spring” ended.   Dunbar’s springs were inserted into a wooden block that was tapered and grooved to form a “fusee.”  These clocks bear the label: “Improved Steel Spring Eight Day Brass Clocks.”   The clock offered in this auction is an important example of this period and represents a nice clean  example in original condition with original Fenn glasses, original painted dial, original signed works & label.

The finish on the mahogany case has been professionally conserved and retails a warm glow and fine patina.   The clock retains its original painted metal dial & hands.   The reverse glass tablets are outstanding examples of the work of William Fenn.   The eight day brass striking movement with detached wood fusee powered by a coil spring.  The label in the case and the works are signed by Birge & Fuller.  Overall dimensions of the clock are 25 3/4 X 13 3/4 X 4 inches