George Hollinshead Woods Town New Jersey C. 1820 Walnut Tall Case Clock

George Hollinshead Woods Town

Delaware Valley Walnut Federal Tall Case Clock made by George Hollinshead of Woods Town and Woodbury NJ. Hollinshead was one of the many clockmakers at work in South Jersey and this example illustrates the craft of the country clockmaker taking advantage of imported parts from England coming into the Port of Philadelphia and available for fabrication. The Dial is from the Osborne Birmingham foundry, the bell is from George Ainsworth Warrington and so are the rough castings of the front and rear plate of the movement. Overall the case stands at 94 inches tall and has a broken arch scroll board over a flat crown molding in the bonnet. Noteworthy is the original “wavy” glass in the bonnet door. Not shown but present are a pair of original strap brass hinges that retain the waist door. The clock stands on bold, high flared French feet. 

The clock has a nice history of ownership from Woodbury and Mantua NJ and was once part of the collection of Dr. Warner Bundens. On the seatboard is an old repair label from HH Thoman a Watchmaker and Jeweler who working in Woodbury.


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