Foster Campos # 3, 1980 Dish Dial Weight Driven Willard Massachusetts Clock

Foster Campos Massachusetts Shelf Clock, Pembroke, Massachusetts, c. 1980, scroll-top mahogany case with center finial over the painted iron roman numeral dial, reverse painted eglomise door tablet with dial opening surrounded by stenciled and reverse-painted foliage and flowers signed by Foster Campos, Pembroke, MA.  The lower Mahogany frame with matching reverse painted glass tablet with the 1812 Naval Battle theme:  Escape of the Constitution.  The clock features an eight-day time weight driven movement with passing strike which rings the bell once each hour on the hour.  The clock is powered by a cast weight that is signed by Foster Campos.   The overall height of the clock is 35 inches.   The front plate of the movement is signed by Foster Campos and there is a “die stamped” serial number at the bottom edge. On the inside of the back plate you can see the “Made in USA, K&P” which is the trademark of Kilbourne & Proctor. Bill Kilbourne was a good friend of mine and he took pride in developing this “short pendulum” timepiece with passing strike. The back of the bottom frame is die stamped “3” and the bottom of the case is stamped “3” on the left side and “80” on the right side which signifies this is the third clock made by Foster in 1980. On the back of the case is a repair label from another old friend of the family: Tony Montefusco ! Tony was a close friend of my dad and they would often get together and dig into projects when they both lived in Bergen County NJ. Foster Campos, Pembroke MA



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