Seth Thomas No. 19 Sweep Seconds Jewelers Regulator from the Historic Masonic Lodge Chester PA

Seth Thomas No. 19 Regulator

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 19, The Seth Thomas Clock Company, Thomaston, Connecticut, c. 1910, the oak case with carved crest, full length glazed door and lower veneered and molded pediment, 12-in. painted zinc dial with Roman numerals and marked Seth Thomas, eight-day timepiece movement with trapezoidal shaped plates marked ST, dead-beat escapement, maintaining power, bracket mounted rear hung pendulum with beat adjustment, two jar mercury temperature compensated pendulum, cylindrical brass weight and engraved beat scale, ht. 72 in.  “Presented to Chester Lodge 236 F&AM by Robert E. Hanna in Memory of Robert B Taylor Jr PM”

Condition: First finish original condition: Oak Case with Burl Elm accents and backboard. Original wavy door glass. Original Painted Dial with 2 minor touch ups. Signed movement in excellent condition, serviced in our shop. Original finials & crown.  Presentation plaque on the bottom.