Willard School Gold Front Presentation Banjo Clock C. 1820 Outstanding Original Glasses & Gilding!

Willard School: Boston C. 1820

C. 1820 Gold Front Presentation Banjo Clock, Boston, Willard School. An outstanding original example with gilt acorn form finial, gilded frames with spiral rope applied treatment, gilded presentation bracket with inverted balls. The reverse glass tablets are original.   The throat tablet bears the “PATENT” gilded lettering in accordance with the Simon Willard “Patent Timepiece.”   The box tablet with elaborate polychrome decoration of a female deity driving a horse driven chariot before a sunburst is an interpretation of “Aurora” a personification of dawn adapted from Classical Greco-Roman Mythology. The brass eight day weight driven timepiece with steel crutch, recoil escapement and rear, center bolt mounting is a classic example of a second generation Willard School movement.  The cast lead weight with original “duck bill hook”   The finely crafted barbed steel hands are an exceptional example from the Willard shop.  Overall dimensions are 41 1/2 X 10 X 4 inches.

Condition: Remarkable original condition!   Outstanding original reverse glass tablets and gilded frames, bracket & acorn. Minor touch up, in-painting in a few spots on the dial.  The movement has been professionally serviced with fresh cable and it runs and keeps good time.

Price $ 7800