Jacob Fry Woodstock Virginia Walnut Chippendale Tall Case Clock

Jacob Fry Woodstock

Jacob Fry Woodstock Walnut Chippendale Tall Case Clock C. 1800, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.   Fry was probably born at Fry’s Fort on Cedar Creek between Frederick & Shenandoah Counties.  His shop was on lot 106 in Woodstock.   The country Chippendale case with bold broken arch scroll bonnet, carved rosettes and carved pediment.  Very finely crafted exposed dove tails join the face board to the sides of the bonnet.  The narrow waist case with shaped waist door continues to a base panel on restored straight bracket feet.   The eight day brass striking movement with arched cutout plates.   The strike train with rack and snail mechanism has the identifiable rack lock design feature.   This clock is pictured on pages 282 – 285 in “EARLY VIRGINIA CLOCKMAKERS and SILVERSMITHS, 1608 – 1850 by Whisker & Coe.