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The accurate measurement of time is a cornerstone of a well-functioning society. It allows people to arrange transportation, meet with their friends and loved ones, and get to work at the appropriate time. At Adam Browns Co., Antique Clocks, we understand the important functions clocks and timepieces serve–but we also know that they can be gorgeous works of ingenuity and art.

The intricate details of our antique clocks in Cranbury, NJ, extend far beyond the gears that make them tick. We sell clocks that capture the art of their respective eras. Talk to our staff to learn more about our stately grandfather clocks and artistically intricate wall clocks that date as far back as the 18th century. Our selection includes:
• Antique Tall Case Grandfather Clocks
• Antique Wall Clocks
• Weight-Driven Regulators
• Shelf Clocks

About Our Company

Our company was first established in Chestnut Hill, MA, by Adams & Brown. Edwin B. Burt, the last apprentice-trained dial painter at the Waltham Watch Factory, bought the company and moved it to Auburndale. Afterward, Burt’s son Herschel took over, moving the shop to its current location and running it until the 1970s.

In addition to buying and selling antique clocks, we also offer several horological books for sale. In fact, we’re the country’s oldest horological bookseller. Our books allow collectors to brush up on their knowledge of timepieces or give novices their first introduction to the intriguing history of clock design and mechanics.

At our company, we’ve been buying and selling antique clocks and books for decades. Long before there was the internet, we ran a benefit auction for the Cranbury Lions Club for many years, selling thousands of clocks in the process.

Today, we use modern technology to connect with collectors all over the country. We have a few fine American tall clocks for sale, primarily from the Mid-Atlantic States. There’s always a good-weight banjo and regulator on the wall as well. Because we do much of our business online, we don’t keep an open shop with regular hours anymore–but we are available by appointment. Get in touch with one of our staff members to schedule a time to come in.

Our current owner has been hooked on clock collecting for more than 45 years and has a family background in antique clock and furniture restoration. We understand that no two customers and no two antiques are exactly alike, which is why we take such pride in matching our finds to your needs. They say that the desire to start a collection all starts with just one clock. So let us show you what we have to offer or reach out to us if you want to sell any part of your collection.

Find Fascinating Horological Books for Sale

Just like the art and architecture have evolved over the past few centuries in our country, so too have the clocks. As the country’s oldest horological bookseller, we have a selection of books that delve into the rich history of the clocks of early America and beyond. Many are filled with full-color images that allow you to see the vibrancy and true art that went into the craft of clock-making.

No matter what your current knowledge of horology may be, we have a book for you. Talk to our team to get recommendations.

Contact us to learn more about our company or our clocks. We are based in Cranbury, NJ, but serve clock enthusiasts throughout the country.

If the time comes when you are thinking about selling your collection in whole or part, please keep us in mind.

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